Lockdown and Safety Procedures
COVID-19 continues to have an unprecedented impact on all aspects of life and we all need to respond to keep ourselves and loved ones safe. Online ordering has taken a more important role during this time as customers apply social distancing. Here is what we are doing to address some of the issues arising from COVID-19:


Delivery process

Our couriers keep 60%+ alcohol hand sanitizer on them at all times. They apply it before picking up, and before dropping off parcels, as well as after all non-delivery breaks.

No physical contact will be made between the delivery courier and you. No physical contact is allowed between drivers or crew. The courier will ensure a safe distance from you to conclude handover of your order (minimum 2m).

When handheld devices are used to confirm delivery, the driver will ask you for your name and surname and will confirm if you agree for them to sign on your behalf.

Each of our courier partners will be installing hand sanitizer stations in all key entry and exit points in hubs and depots.

Based on the severity of high-risk areas our courier partners drivers will wear latex gloves and face masks to reduce the chance of transmission.

As the situation evolves, we will continue to roll-out best practices across all of our courier partners throughout South Africa.

Delivery times, stock availability and pricing

We have extended our delivery lead time until demand reduces. The exceptional circumstances that we are now in will no doubt have many impacts. We are working hard to keep you informed and minimize any impact that we have control over.

Thank you for your support. We hope that we are able to continue to earn your trust.  Please put safety first.