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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I hear a sparking sound at my earth pegs, what can I look for?

A: Sparking at your earth peg means that your fence is earthed more than your earth peg, thus there is a short on your fence and your machine is not earthed properly.
Q: My taps are shocking me!

A: Move your earth pegs away from the building.
Q: I get interference on my telephone and or TV

A: Your fence is arcing somewhere, which generates radio interference.
Q: Can I connect 2 energizers to one fence?

A: Not only is it illegal, but the two energizers will work against one another until one or both of them blow.
Q: Can I electrify a barbed wire fence?

A: No, it is illegal to electrify barbed wire, however you may electrify smooth steel wires attached to a barbed wire fence.