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Service and Support
Tru-Tek products are guaranteed against factory defects for a period of 12 months. Please read our Guarantee Conditions below.

Tru-Tek products have internal protection against mild power surges, but cannot withstand serious surges. You are advised to purchase lightning protection plugs, which are freely available on the market. It is always advisable to unplug your system from the electrical outlet during lightning storms. Lightning, power surge and moisture damage are not covered by the guarantee.

We will try to solve any technical fencing queries telephonically or via e-mail. We even enjoy answering dumb questions as long as they are related to our products.  You are of course welcome to drop in and see us personally.

Equipment returned for servicing or repair must be properly packed and sent via pre-paid post or courier.

Please ensure your contact details are clearly and securely fixed to the equipment as the technician may want to contact you directly.

We repair within 48 hours unless there is a specific problem, in which case you will be contacted by the technician.

Every Tru-Tek Electric Fence Energizer is sold with a 1 year warranty on workmanship and materials used in the manufacture of the product.

No warranty will apply if the product has been subjected to the following:

Misuse of the unit by the client
Lightning strikes
Power Surges
Water Damage
Unauthorized disassembly/repair
Damage cause by insects
Damage cause by animals

In case of a suspected defect, the unit can be returned to the manufacturer for repair. The warranty does not include any transportation or
postage costs. Out of warranty repairs are made at a standard charge.

No unit may be exchanged for a replacement by the dealer. All suspected defects must be assessed by the manufacturer before an exchange
can be negotiated.

If technical assistance or advice is offered or given to the customer, such advice or assistance is given free of charge and only as an
accommodation to the customer. Tsitsitronics shall not be held liable for the content or the customerís use of such assistance nor shall any
statement made by any representative of Tsitsitronics in connection with the product constitute a warranty, whether express or implied.

Limitation of liabilities:

Tsitsitronics shall not be held liable for loss of profits or revenue, manufacturing expenses, overheads, business interruption costs, loss of
data, removal or reinstallation costs, injury to reputation, punitive damages, loss of contracts or orders, or any indirect, special or
consequential damages of any nature. The customer will indemnify, defend and hold Tsitsitronics harmless from any claims based on
Tsitsitronicsí compliance with the customerís instructions or specifications, modifications of the product by anyone other than Tsitsitronics, or
the use of the Impulse Generator in combination with any other products.

Warranty conditions are subject to change.
Summary of Warranty Conditions